Compostable· sustainable

100% compostable Packaging solution

We actively pursue innovative products that provide ongoing sustainable and environmental solutions. As an agile business, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide personalized, high-quality service and products, delivered promptly.

Compostable·plastic free

Geowise compostable Packaging

We are committed to building a 100% plastic-free range of bags, including all shipping materials.

Accessaries like ziplock, one-way valves, and windows are all compostable. 

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Our Positive Impact

Creating and promoting a sustainable circular economy

Our plan is to earn corporate partners in the hopes of leading our way into a “use it all” resource future.

Helping to solve the ocean plastic problem

We promise that all packaging products are 100% compostable and no plastic is consumed for transportation.

Business for good

As a certified member of B Corp, we take action to implement the concept of “use business as a force for good”.

International Standards

Made from 100% plant based with no petroleums used, GeoBags comply with international compost standards and are accepted wherever there are municipal organic waste collection services.

Sustainable Innovation

Examples of our commitment towards innovation include the introduction of a market-first ziplock bag in Australia that is 100% compostable – including the ziplock.

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